I Was An Identity Theft Victim

I wanted to document the issues I have had so far and the issues I will be going through as the result of the theft of my identity.  I know I’m not the first person in the world to have their ID stolen, heck I’m not even the first in my family, and according to a New Javelin Strategy and Research report ID fraud rose 13% in 2011 to 11.6 million people in the U.S. – but I wanted to start this blog because I couldn’t find any blogs online relating to this topic the way I wanted to.  

There is plenty of how-to information available from sites which I will likely link to in future posts, but my intention for this blog will be for it to become a more human landing place for those of us that have had their IDs stolen.My StoryMy identity was stolen as a result of refinancing my mortgage. As you may or may not know, when you apply for a mortgage loan your entire financial history is provided to the bank to determine your credit worthiness. It would be a gold mine for any ID thief to get such information.  

Well, after signing my loan documents, the notary supposedly dropped the documents in a UPS box to have them shipped overnight to the escrow office. This was a Thursday. By Monday morning the Escrow office hadn’t received anything and UPS had no records of the documents in their system. At this point I just figured that the package was lost in UPS’ system. I was focused on completing the refinance as quickly as possible since the rate was going to expire in a few days and I had to travel for work on an overnight trip. The day after I returned from my work trip I logged into my bank to find out how to cancel the cashier’s check for the  closing costs that was also lost with documents.  

While doing that I noticed there was a suspicious $100 DEPOSIT into my account. I checked the listed company from which the deposit was made and it was an online quick loan operation. All you needed to get a loan was a name, address, social security number and bank account number. All items that were in my package missing since the previous Friday.

The loan was made on the following Monday, just 2 business days after my information had left my kitchen table. More activity has followed, but I feel lucky that I was able to find out my data was lost and being misused so quickly, and with relatively little impact, after having it stolen.  I still don’t know exactly what happened (my suspicion is the data was picked off by a UPS operator ) but I hope to get to the bottom of it before I have to spend too much time battling the theives and fighting for my ID.

Going ForwardIn the coming days I will post about the steps I took to help protect myself and how I will be monitoring the situation going forward. I am interested to read about how others have had their identities stolen and what circumstances led to your finding out about it.  

Please share your story in the comments section. Perhaps through our sharing we can expose the as many scams as possible so that others can avoid the same fate that we have fallen into. I highly recommend you sign up for a credit monitoring service before you fall into the same problems I have.  Here is a site with a list of the best credit monitoring services for 2018 at stopidentityfraud .  Do some research and decide what you need for your situation.